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Our School Board


Charged under the Diocese of Harrisburg’s “Called to Govern” policies, the School Board in service to St. Margaret Mary Parish is comprised of 13 lay individuals, the Pastor and the Principal. According to our by-laws, the lay members are distinguished as follows:

    7 members of St. Margaret Mary Parish
    2 members to be appointed by Pastor 
    2  members from Our Lady’s of the Blessed Sacrament Parish 
    1 member from St. Matthew Parish
    1 representative from the faculty
    1 President of the PTO     

Members serve a three-year term that begin July 1 and end the following June 30. The Election Committee begins its work in the Spring. Any qualified parishioner may nominate his/herself. We urge you to seek out information if you wish to get involved.  Fund-raising is an important component for our school. The Board asks for your support when we come calling. It serves the students now and those who will follow.  



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