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Dear Parents, Parishioners and Friends of St. Margaret Mary School,

We are very excited to kick off the 2017-2018 school year!  Our theme this year is TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More.  Our teachers and students will work together so everyone can grow and find success in all that they do this year.  This focus on teamwork is not something new to us.  Our faculty and staff have always had a spirit of teamwork.

Our TEAM theme will help us find success as we increase our instruction in the area of STEM… science, technology, engineering and math. We have expanded on this idea to include art and religion, so we refer to this instruction as STREAM.  Many team building activities are planned this year to help the students work cooperatively and build solid skills in these areas.

We are definitely most proud of our teamwork in the area of our faith.  Each week we come together as a faith community to celebrate Mass.  Individual classes work together to plan our school liturgies and grades K-8 pray together for those in need.  Throughout the school year homerooms collect Mission money, clothing or personal care items for those in need and collect for organizations like Caitlyn’s Smile or the Four Diamonds Foundation.  Our goal this year is to increase those donations and prayers through our increased efforts to work together to achieve more.

I am so proud of our STMMS TEAM, and I am so very excited for the year ahead!


God bless,

Mrs. Jean Fennessy


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