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Saint Margaret Mary School has a strong tradition of bringing Catholic education to the Harrisburg area community. Our school and parish have been part of the surrounding community for over 70 years now. St. Margaret Mary School provides a Middle States Accredited cirriculumn that starts with full-day Kindergarten and continues through the 8th grade. We understand the value of going beyond the three ‘Rs’ of reading, writing, and arithmetic as is evidenced by our complete curriculum that includes STEM and foreign language education opportunities. We also understand that the school setting plays a significant role in educating the whole student which is why daily we stress four more ‘Rs’; right, wrong, responsibility, and of course, religion. We work every day to provide the type of educaiton your child deservers so that upon graduation our students go on to excel in top academic programs such as Bishop McDevitt High School.

For parents looking to put their child on the fast path, our early childhood program includes two days a week in the morning for children 3 years old. Our Pre-K program for 4 and 5 year olds includes an option for all day sessions on Monday, Wed, and Friday as well as half day session 5 days a week in the morning or afternoon. You can learn more about all of these excellent opportunities for your child by clicking on the link HERE.

Students at Work

Because the school day and work day do not always coincide we make extended care available before and after school hours beginning the day at 6:30 A.M. and after school until 5:30 PM. More information about these programs is linked HERE.

Your Admission Application:

To complete the necesary application online you will need the following forms which we provide here:

1.  CDSD Annual Health Survey
2.  CDSD Health History Form
3.  CDSD Private Health Physical Report - K,6, & new students
4.  CDSD Private Dentist Report K,3,7,& new students
5.  State textbook Request Form
6.  Custody information Form
7.  Transfer of Records Consent Form
8.  Diocese Parent Memorandum of Understanding Form
9.  Parishioner Status Form
10. Home Language Survey
You must also collect the following documents for upload as part of your application:
 Immunization Records
 Transferring Student Current Report Card
 Transferring Student Transcript
 Transferring Student Discipline Records
 Transferring Student Standardized Test Scores
 Baptismal Certificate
 First Holy Communion Certificate
 Birth Certificate

Now that you are ready proceed to the online application linked HERE.



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